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Garbage Disposal Repair

If your garbage disposal is not working properly, call Aspen Mountain Plumbing at (307) 922-4413 for fast and affordable repair service.

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Garbage Disposal Repair

If your garbage disposal is not working properly, call Aspen Mountain Plumbing at (307) 922-4413 for fast and affordable repair service.

Garbage Disposal Repair | Aspen Mountain Plumbing

Garbage Disposal Repair: Aspen Mountain Plumbing

The Garbage Disposal Repair service from Aspen Mountain Plumbing is a great option if your Garbage Disposal has stopped working. Garbage Disposals are often jammed with food or other materials, and our professional plumbing technicians will come to your home in order to fix the problem. Our team wants to help you solve your garbage disposal problems as quickly as possible!

You don't think twice about your garbage disposal until it stops working. This is when you realize how much you rely on this small appliance to make life easier in the kitchen. Did you hear that strange noise? Could it have been your water pipes? You're not sure what the sound was, but now you're wondering if there's an emergency at hand.

Aspen Mountain Plumbing offers professional garbage disposal repair services in Rock Springs, WY, and throughout Sweetwater County. Now we know garbage disposals come in all shapes and sizes, that's why we make sure our certified plumbing technicians are trained to repair all models.

What causes a garbage disposal to stop working?

Garbage disposals are generally designed to handle food scraps. However, if you do not grind these items up finely enough they can get stuck in the Garbage Disposal and cause it to jam or malfunction. It's always best to follow manufacturer instructions for your particular garbage disposal model when trying to prevent jams.

What should I do if my garbage disposal is jammed?

In the event of a Garbage Disposal jam, turn off your garbage disposal and try to dislodge whatever is causing it to malfunction. If this does not solve the problem or if you cannot locate what might be blocking it then contact Aspen Mountain Plumbing immediately at (307) 922-4413.

Can I fix my garbage disposal myself?

It's possible to clear a Garbage Disposal jam yourself, but keep in mind that if you do not have the tools or experience to safely complete this task then your best option is likely going to be calling Aspen Mountain Plumbing. Garbage Disposal repairs can also be completed more quickly and efficiently by experienced Garbage Disposal Repair plumbing technicians.

What parts make up a garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals are essentially small electric or magnetic driven motors that use a series of blades to break up food scraps into tiny particles. Garbage Disposal Repair technicians will remove the Garbage Disposal's motor in order to clear any jam or clog.  Garbage disposal motors are powered by Garbage Disposal electrical wiring.

Are Garbage Disposals dangerous?

Garbage disposals function at very high speeds and can be harmful if they malfunction while in use or repair is attempted without the proper experience, training, tools and safety precautions. Garbage Disposal repairs should only be completed by experienced individuals.

What is involved with Garbage Disposal repair?

Garbage Disposal Repair is usually completed in one visit. Garbage disposal repair includes the complete removal of your Garbage Disposal, including motor and blades, to clear any jam or clog. Once this has been achieved Garbage Disposal Repair technicians will reinstall your garbage disposal before providing you with a detailed explanation on how they fixed your Garbage Disposal.

What are the benefits of using a Garbage Disposal Repair service?

Garbage disposal repair is usually completed in one visit which means you don't have to worry about waiting around all day for our technicians and then having them explain everything that they did when they were finished. Garbage disposal repairs can be costly if you attempt to do the work yourself. Garbage Disposal Repair professionals have the training, tools and parts needed for this task which allows them to complete Garbage Disposal repairs more efficiently.

What should I avoid doing when my garbage disposal is jammed?

If your Garbage Disposal jams never try forcing it by using a plunger. Garbage Disposal Repair professionals usually do not recommend this because it can seriously damage your garbage disposal.

How often should a Garbage Disposal be serviced?

It's recommended that Garbage Disposals are routinely serviced at least once every year for optimal performance and safety reasons. If you're having trouble with your Garbage Disposal then Garbage Disposal Repair professionals recommend that you contact them immediately.

What are some signs of an old Garbage Disposal?

If your Garbage disposal is over ten years old, or it's showing any signs of significant wear and tear, our Aspen Mountain Plumbing Garbage Disposal Repair technicians suggest replacing it as soon as possible.

Call the garbage disposal repair experts at Aspen Mountain Plumbing

Garbage disposals are a convenient household appliance that make kitchen cleanup easier, but they require maintenance to work properly. Garbage Disposal Repair is an important service for any homeowner who wants to avoid clogs and other problems in the future. Consider calling Aspen Mountain Plumbing at (307) 922-4413 or scheduling your garbage disposal repair service online at

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