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Bathtub Faucet Repair

If you are looking for bathtub faucet repair service in Rock Springs, WY, look no further than Aspen Mountain Plumbing. We provide quality workmanship and affordable pricing to all our customers. Call us today! (307) 922-4413

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Bathtub Faucet Repair

If you are looking for bathtub faucet repair service in Rock Springs, WY, look no further than Aspen Mountain Plumbing. We provide quality workmanship and affordable pricing to all our customers. Call us today! (307) 922-4413

Bathtub Faucet Repair | Aspen Mountain Plumbing

Bathtub Faucet Repair: Aspen Mountain Plumbing

Bathtub faucet repairs are one of the most common problems that Aspen Mountain Plumbing technician services in Rock Springs, WY. Bathtub faucets can leak, drip, or stop working altogether. When this happens, it is essential to call a professional who knows how to fix these issues quickly before they become big problems! Consider Aspen Mountain Plumbing's bathtub faucet repair to avoid damages caused by a failed DIY attempt.

Benefits Of Calling Aspen Mountain Plumbing For Your Bathtub Faucet Repair:

  • We get the bathtub faucet repair done quickly and efficiently.
  • You will avoid any damages to your bathtub faucet.
  • You'll have a bath that's ready to go when you want it!

How We Fix A Leaky Bathtub Faucet

First, we try to identify the type of bathtub faucet. If your bathtub faucet is leaking around the handle, then it's most likely a bathtub faucet with a ball and seat, and it needs tightening. When your bathtub faucet handle is leaking, it's usually fixed by cleaning the cartridge or stem, replacing the O-rings or gaskets, and packing with new packing material. You may also need to replace the cartridge or valve.

All The Parts Of A Bathtub Faucet

To fix a leaky bathtub faucet or repair a bathtub faucet, one must first understand each part's functionality. The tub faucet uses a faucet stem inside a stem cartridge to attach the base gasket seal to the tub valve, and the handle then covers the tub faucet stem. Inside the faucet spout where the water comes out are the diverter gate or in some cases an aerator. Depending on the style of valve there can be below the bathtub faucet a washer, compression couplings, and mounting nut attached to the water supply. This would be on a Roman Deck mount style faucet. A bathtub faucet is more complicated than its name implies.

Leaking Bathtub Faucet Repairs Depend On The Type Of Faucet

If you have bathtub faucets with cartridges, they tend to leak out the spout. The problem is either the cartridge or the O-ring.

Bathtub faucets with metal handles can leak at either end. Metal faucets rust easily, so you need to treat them regularly. At Aspen Mountain Plumbing we only use brass faucets that will generally last the longest and don't require too much maintenance.

Finally, a chrome-style bathtub faucet, for the most part, is made of zinc. These faucets are usually the cheapest and are prone to corrosion. When performing our bathtub faucet repair service, we tend to see the chrome faucets more than any other faucet.

Some bathtub faucets have a ball with O-rings rather than cartridges; these types of bathtub faucets are more challenging to repair. Bathtub Faucet handles will leak at the Bathroom bathtub spout if they have O-rings that need replacing or an aerator that needs cleaning. Bathtub faucet handles with a loose packing nut leak very quickly. So be sure to tighten them about twice a year.

Signs of a broken bathtub faucet

Some of the signs are that you may have broken your bathtub faucet. Your bathtub faucet is loose or will not move at the handle, and there's no water sputtering out when you turn on the tap.

Also, leaking faucets if left untreated, the water can spread and growth can occur throughout your bathroom, which could create respiratory issues for those with allergies or other sensitivities. We often see problems with the washer inside the bathtub faucet being damaged or warped and needs to be replaced. This is a common problem in Sweetwater County and can easily be remedied.

Finally, it could be that your bathtub faucet is quite old, and it's just time for a replacement. But we at Aspen Mountain Plumbing do everything we can to repair your bathtub faucet in Rock Springs, WY, to save you some time and money.

Signs of a Leaky bathtub faucet handle

A strong indication of a leaky bathtub faucet handle is that you'll see a steady pattern of drops coming from the faucet. If your faucet is dripping, it's an early indicator that your washer is starting to wear out and needs replacement.

Another point where leaks come from is right around the handle itself, which means it's likely time for a new o-ring or cartridge inside your bathtub faucet.

Also, when your bathtub faucet is turned off, the water will dry up inside your spout. This can lead to build up of scale and eventually break down of the spout.

Finally, leave your bathtub faucet repairs in Rock Springs, WY, to Aspen Mountain Plumbing

A bathtub faucet repair expert from Aspen Mountain Plumbing will assess the faulty bathtub faucet and figure out the best course of action. The repairs range from replacing parts like o-rings, washers, springs, and stems as well as adding new valves if needed.

Bathtub faucet repairs can be a severe issue that needs to be addressed in order to prevent the spread of growth and other illnesses. Bathtubs are often overlooked when it comes to plumbing upkeep, but they're just as crucial as your toilet. If you've noticed any signs of broken bathtub faucets or old ones with worn washers, contact Aspen Mountain Plumbing for all your repair needs today! We'll fix up any problem so you can rest assured, knowing there's no risk of water damage inside your home.

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