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Aspen Mountain Plumbing provides basic plumbing inspection services in Rock Springs, WY and surrounding areas. Call (307) 922-4413 to schedule your plumbing inspection!

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Basic Plumbing Inspection: Aspen Mountain Plumbing

Plumbing inspections in Rock Springs, WY, are performed for various reasons on residential and commercial properties. They are often required by local municipalities to permit a renovation project or a construction job.

Aspen Mountain Plumbing’s plumbing inspection assesses a building's plumbing systems to identify any possible issues with the plumbing operational problems that could arise. They're done by professional plumbers to ensure that the plumbing, water supply, and drainage systems are in good working condition.

At Aspen Mountain Plumbing basic plumbing inspection will include the following:

  • An examination of the exterior of the building's, looking for any possible leaks or damage to vent pipes;
  • A review of all visible piping (water supply, gas supply, drains) to ensure that all pipe connections are secure and in good repair;
  • Confirm that all plumbing fixtures (showers, sinks, or toilets), and emergency shutoff valves are in good working condition.
  • Inspect the water supply systems to ensure no leaks or damage and that all valves work correctly.
  • Confirming that all plumbing fixtures are in good condition

Some plumbing inspections may also cover the drainage system and how it discharges wastewater to ensure it doesn't create a public health hazard or environmental concern.

Plumbing inspections are generally performed before the sale of a property; they can also be done after the purchase to determine if any renovations or remodeling are required.

Why do I need a plumbing inspection before significant renovations or construction projects take place?

The primary purpose of having a plumbing inspection done before acquiring a permit for renovations is to ensure that the contractor performs the job safely. Essentially, it's to avoid any plumbing surprises. Often, contractors don't know if a plumbing problem has occurred due to his renovation work or an issue already there.

Who should have a plumbing inspection done before their home or business undergoes major renovations or construction projects?

Any homeowner or a business owner planning to have major renovations done on their property should have a plumbing inspection completed beforehand. This includes replacing any components in the water supply, drainage, gas supply systems, and sewer system that could cause problems later on if they are compromised during construction.

Before or after a significant renovation, plumbing inspections are essential for homeowners and business owners. They'll help you identify any potential issues that could arise during the construction process so they can be avoided.

Aspen Mountain Plumbing plumbing inspections in Rock Springs, WY,

Our plumbing inspection protects your home from catastrophic sewer backups and flooding, as well as water damage that can happen. Our plumbers will help identify any potential issues with the building's plumbing systems, so you know before it happens!

We offer comfortable reassurance that your plumbing system is in perfect working condition. Save time and money by calling Aspen Mountain Plumbing at (307) 922-4413, or schedule your next plumbing inspection online at

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