The Rock Springs Plumbing Jingle

The Rock Springs Plumbing Jingle

It's the talk of the town. More specifically, in Rock Springs, WY, it's town jingle.

Advertising jingles are an effective marketing medium that turn a short, customized, song into an audio representation of the company. And when Lance Ball, owner of Aspen Mountain Plumbing, heard the Plumbs Up Plumbing And Drains (Canadian plumbing company in Orangeville, ON) jingle - he knew he needed one immediately.

"When I got the idea from Keith at Plumbs Up in Canada, my first call was to the local radio station."

Kylie Smith of WyoRadio remembers getting the call.

"Lance called me up one day saying 'I need a jingle. So we got right to work."

For a plumbing company that focuses so much on the details of the quality they put out, creating the jingle was not going to be that easy. It took some fine tuning. It took a couple different takes (four days worth of trial and error). But at last, the jingle heard across Sweetwater County was born.

"A jingle has to be catchy. It has to be sticky. Once you hear the jingle, you learn the melody, and start memorizing the lyrics," says Lance Ball.

And if the melody is the sizzle, the lyrics are the meat.

“I wanted to make it (lyrics) for the families that we serve. We wanted to stress the importance of being here for them."

The Aspen Mountain Plumbing jingle runs three-times per day, in rotation, on WyoRadio.

If you are curious to know what it sounds like, here it is.

WARNING: Upon completing your Aspen Mountain Plumbing jingle listening experience, you may or may not be able to get it out of your head.

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