Lance Ball - The Gentleman Plumber

Lance Ball - The Gentleman Plumber

The story of Lance Ball, founder of Aspen Mountain Plumbing

To most, Broadway is a national landmark in the Big Apple filled with theatres, actors and actresses, where the lights shine brighter than most. But Broadway, in the literal sense of the word, means "Gentlemen's Way" or "Gentlemen's Street".

And if Gentlemen is defined as a "courteous or honorable man", then one can put the word "Gentleman" right next to the name Lance Ball - proud owner of Aspen Mountain Plumbing in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

In his company wrapped 2019 Dodge ProMaster 3500, Ball sits comfortably as he drives down Broadway Street in Rock Springs, WY. He takes a sharp left at C Street where he is greeted by the old welcoming arch that - in a state known for its natural beauty and open wilderness - reminds you exactly where you are.

Aspen Mountain Plumbing - Rock Springs Wyoming - Lance Ball
Aspen Mountain Plumbing - Rock Springs Wyoming - Lance Ball
Lance Ball: “That arch says Rock Springs Coal. And that’s what started Rock Springs, the coal mine. And seeing how the layout of the railroad followed water and coal; the coal mine built Rock Springs. And 15 miles down the road you have your water in Green River.”

The legacy continues with Ball. But instead of installing steel railways to connect Sweetwater County, he connects water pipes and installs water heaters to ensure comfort for the hardworking community. More to come on the "mad scientist" plumbing version of this Gentlemen. But first, the way to a plumber's heart is the homes he services. And Ball has had a few different homes in his lifetime.

Home is where the heart is.

They say home is where the heart is. But for a heart the size of Ball’s, home could be anywhere in the world. In his early 20s, Ball spent two years in Scotland serving his church. And while the message of God remains consistent throughout the world; cultures may be different. But Ball says that cultures don't change, you do.

Lance Ball: “The challenge for me going to Scotland was learning to adapt to a different culture. You don’t change a culture when you go somewhere. But you can change yourself to adapt to that culture.”
Aspen Mountain Plumbing Owner Lance Ball Is The Gentleman Plumber in Rock Springs, WY.

Ball's father preached the importance of seeing the world to understand different cultures. Growing up, seeing his father work difficult 12-hour shifts at the Coke Plant, Ball Sr. knew there was more for his son than the oil field / coal mine cycle. Instead of telling his son to follow in his footsteps, he created a new path for Lance - one that allowed him to have a spiritual impact in Scotland, and a professional impact in the City of Sin, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lance Ball: “When I first moved to Vegas I did anything just to find work. I sold cars for a little bit. I did armed security for a little bit. I worked for an airline company for a little bit. I worked at a credit card company for a little bit. I did a little bit of everything of everything down there until I found a job.”

Little did he know, at the time, he was setting himself up for the opportunity that would change his life forever.

Lance Ball: “I became friends with a guy who had his master plumbing license. And he needed help. He told me that if I go work for him, he’d help me get my plumber’s license. The first few jobs kind of sucked. All I was doing was bringing tools in for the guy and getting parts for him. But then I started to watch how he was doing things. He started teaching me about how it works and why we have different things and so on.”

It was a light-bulb moment for Ball when he realized there was more to plumbing than just putting pipe together.

Lance Ball: "We are really bringing in fresh water into people's homes and we're taking waste away. So really we're protecting the health of the world in this industry. At that moment I was like, you know, this is something I can see myself doing during the rest of my life."

Taking his plumbing talents back to Wyoming.

With his newfound love for the art of plumbing, Ball, like NBA superstar Lebron James in 2014, decided to take his talents back home. A move back to where it all began was simply another chapter for Ball. But this time, he was motivated to get his plumbing career going.

Aspen Mountain Plumbing owner Lance Ball during his early years of plumbing.
Lance Ball during his early years of plumbing.

It didn't take long for Ball to link up with a local contractor who outsourced his plumbing work to a hungry plumber looking to make his mark on the industry. Ball quickly became one of the most trusted tradesman in Sweetwater County earning himself the "Best Maintenance Technician" award.

Ball was more determined than ever, he quickly realized that he had all the tools, knowledge, and demeanor to become a plumbing business owner. He knew that the beginning states of starting a company was going to be the most challenging. But there was never a challenge Ball wasn't ready to face.

"Lance Ball: I started out by just hiring through those Manpower type companies. I would tell the guys what needed to be done, and I was right there with them. I would work from 6 in the morning until 2 in the morning working on new construction."

The Golden Rule.

Graduating from new construction to service plumbing was a real game changer for Ball. And so Aspen Mountain Plumbing was born. And it was born with an identity. Looking at Aspen Mountain Plumbing from a far you see their logo but you may miss the motto; "Treat people the way you want to be treated".

“That might come back to where I was brought up. I was brought up really religious and really Christian oriented. I learned to treat people the way we wanted to be treated, you know; The Golden Rule.”
An Aspen Mountain Plumbing Service Van With The Famous Golden Leaf Logo.
An Aspen Mountain Plumbing Service Van With The Famous Golden Leaf Logo.

You finally get an understanding of what Aspen Mountain Plumbing is all about when understanding The Golden Rule fits perfectly with the Golden Leaf shining at the top of the Aspen Mountain Plumbing logo.

A gentleman plumber, running a genuine brand, in a graceful community.

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