Lance Ball On Rooter Marketing Podcast

Lance Ball On Rooter Marketing Podcast

Lance Ball Explains Home Plumbing Systems On Recent Podcast Appearance

Aspen Mountain Plumbing Owner Lance Ball was recently featured on the Rooter Marketing Podcast, where he explained the basics of residential plumbing. In Episode 004, Ball helps homeowners understand the ins and outs of home plumbing systems.

Plumbing is an underground system that carries water from a water treatment center and wastewater from your house to the public sewer system. In your home, many plumbing pipes work together to deliver water from a source- either a well or city water distribution system- to all parts of your house. There are different varieties of plumbing pipes, and they serve different purposes in the delivery process. Pipes provide the infrastructure for your home to get its water, helping you get the right kind of water to all parts of your house.

City Water Line vs. City Sewer Line

Part 1 of the podcast discusses the city water line. Essentially, Ball goes into the details of how water starts its trajectory from the city's main water plant to your home. He then gives a clear explanation of the difference between the main water line and a sewer line.

The second part of the podcast gives the listeners a breakdown of how water pipes from your home connect to the city water line. If you were ever wondering where the water pipes enter your home, this section is for you as you will learn about the point of entry for plumbing pipes into your home.

Plumbing Pipes Inside The Walls Of Your Home

Splitting the water - based on water pressure - is widely unknown to homeowners in Wyoming and across the country. A home is the biggest expense to any individual. Understanding the elements of your home plumbing system helps you take care of your property. The next section explains city requirements and how plumbing technicians examine check valves and pressure regulating valves.

The episode features everything you need to know about plumbing as a homeowner. Ball talks about water pipes in your walls and how they are all connected. He also explains water pressure as the number pain point for DIY plumbing projects.

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